Law firm Dobiašová & Partners has been involved in advising international and domestic clients on number of commercial transactions varying from standard deals to complicated transactional structures. All lawyers in the firm are fully associate members of the Slovak Bar Association.
The office of the firm is situated in Šoltésovej street 18 in Bratislave, the capital of Slovakia.

Law firm has experienced continuous growth since its establishment and offers a broad range of legal services ranging from advising clients on commercial matters, to representing clients in civil, commercial litigation and also in labor process, but the most important field of its activity is commercial law.

While the law firm advises clients on a broad range of matters, its principal areas of practice include Corporate and Business law, Banking and Finance, Real-estate law, Contractual law, Securities law, Intellectual property law, Civil and Criminal law. The law firm has an extensive experience in dealing with international business transactions as well as with the establishment and liquidation of international business entities in the Slovak Republic and has a broad client base with clients from Central and West Europe and Asia.

The policy of Dobiašová & Partners is to provide the highest quality of legal services and expertise to its clients in the Slovak, English, German, Hungarian and Russian languages. The law firm continues a successful co-operation with several law firms in Austria, Czech Republic and other countries.


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